I am writing in response to an article authored by Stephen Kimber: How the Harper Government is Spending $13.4 Million to Attack Charitable Groups. Mr. Kimber is troubled with my refusing to comment on whether the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) auditing process is political, and whether the agency is auditing the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS). His tone illustrates an absence of journalistic objectivity that solidified in retrospect my decision not to comment.

The CRA is an independent agency with a public mandate and those responsible for administering it are best-suited for responding to Mr. Kimber’s allegation. Moreover, regardless of the circumstances, we do not comment on our operations or those of other organizations.

We encourage your readers to visit www.AIMS.ca and engage with our work. AIMS’ mission is to stimulate debate about public policy in Atlantic Canada and our mandate excludes political activity. Our research is independent and objective, and although Mr. Kimber challenged us to stand up against “Stephen’s storm troopers,” we respectfully decline to become activists on anyone’s behalf.

Marco Navarro-Genie
President and CEO, Atlantic Institute for Market Studies

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