Just as the coming election season will no doubt serve as a springboard for more potentially costly political pledges, a new study from the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies has highlighted how New Brunswick has little fiscal room left to maneuver. The study, prepared by University of New Brunswick economist David Murrell and AIMS policy analyst Shaun Fantauzzo, argues that because of expected declines in federal transfer payments over the near term New Brunswick must quickly adjust its expenditures in order to better reflect an era of diminished revenue.

The numbers coming out of the report are certainly a sober read for any politician who may be tempted to promise grandiose pledges in a few short months.According to AIMS,the provincial debt is equivalent to 37.7 per cent of New Brunswick’s GDP. On a per-capita basis, every single New Brunswick resident is burdened by more than $16,000 in provincial government debt.

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