In the most recent edition of Atlantic Progress Magazine, business consultant and freelance writer Phil Blackmore interviewed Mr. Gerald Pond, Chairman of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies and Chief Executive Officer of iMagicTV Inc. in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The interviewer begins by highlighting the many contributions Mr. Pond made to Atlantic Canada’s developing IT industry during his tenure with Aliant telecom and its predecessor companies. He also explores Mr. Pond’s ongoing efforts to expand the industry through his current work with start-ups like iMagicTV Inc.

In the interview, Mr. Pond explores his ideas about the role of government and emphasizes how recognizing and responding to trends in the global marketplace can help strengthen the Atlantic Canadian economy. Smaller more focused government and the resulting expansion in market opportunities would go a long way in assisting Atlantic Canadian companies to reach their full potential.

The following article is reprinted with permission from Atlantic Progress Magazine.

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