AIMS Events Schedule and Calendar

Upcoming Events:

2015 Chairman’s Dinner with the Honourable John Manley

Public Participation in Quality Health Care and Policy Reform

Past Events:

Click here to view some of our past events from 2013-14! 

The AIMS team—with long experience in business, government, universities and the media—doesn’t merely produce research. We make a difference by linking ideas with today’s public policy challenges and making sure that business leaders, the media, policy makers and ordinary citizens have the knowledge and the understanding necessary to ensure that government action will contribute to a safer, stronger, freer and more prosperous region and country.

AIMS has built a strong reputation for bringing for attracting leading thinkers to Atlantic Canada to share their experiences. Check regularly to see what Coming Events are on our calendar and visit our Events Proceedings page to review the influence these ideas have had on our Atlantic Canadian audience.


Mike Harris

Former Ontario Premier Mike Harris

Jack Granatstein

Military historian, author and analyst Jack Granatstein

John Norquist

Urban visionary and Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist
with Ron L’Esperance, AIMS president Brian Lee
Crowley and HRM Mayor Peter Kelly

Janice Gross Stein

Director of the Munk Centre for International Studies
at the University of Toronto, Janice Gross Stein