As a trusted voice in public policy, AIMS authors regularly appear in newspapers throughout the region and the country, including the National Post, Troy Media, the Telegraph-Journal, The Telegram, the Chronicle Herald and the Charlottetown Guardian. The Institute’s op-ed pieces provide an evidence-based voice for the public conversation. See below an archive of these pieces.

NAFTA’s potential end is Canada’s greatly needed wake-up call

by SYLVAIN CHARLEBOIS (AIMS Senior Fellow) Despite Canada’s optimism, NAFTA talks seem to be heading nowhere. Wanting to push back on Mexico’s influence over the American economy, Washington now is indicating that the bilateral option with Canada is more appealing. In Trump’s playbook, multilateral deals are highly complex and can only benefit smaller markets to a greater degree. Bilateral deals ...
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Province’s financial house is still in disarray

The Telegram, 17 October 2017 By Ed Hollett (AIMS Senior Research Fellow) Reports by the province’s Auditor General and the federal Parliamentary Budget Officer are reminders that the provincial government continues to face a serious financial problem. If current trends continue, the cash deficit this year will be almost $2.0 billion. Muskrat Falls costs may be under control, but even ...
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Cannabis: To eat or not to eat, that is the burning question

by SYLVAIN CHARLEBOIS (AIMS Senior Fellow) If all things go to plan, as of July 1,  2018, legal-aged Canadians will be able to walk into a store, experience  a perhaps not-so-friendly retail environment and buy cannabis. Federal  and provincial government leaders are working out how and in what form  you will be able to buy it. Edible  items containing cannabis ("edibles") ...
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Bill Morneau’s small business taxes will hit Atlantic Canada hard

By Mark Milke (AIMS Author) Imagine for a moment you live in Saint John, or Halifax or any other city, town or hamlet in Atlantic Canada. For years, you resisted the temptation to advise your children and grandchildren to move away from the region, even though opportunities—jobs and decent incomes, are in short supply. Nevertheless, you long encouraged your kin to ...
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Many lessons to learn from defunct no-zero policy

By Michael Zwaagstra (AIMS Research Fellow) The longstanding no-zero policy in Newfoundland and Labrador schools is no more. The CEO of the English School District recently announced that teachers are once again free to deduct marks for late work and assign marks of zero when work doesn’t come in at all. This is a significant step forward, not only because no-zero ...
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Roasting Coffee

by SYLVAIN CHARLEBOIS (AIMS Senior Fellow) Troy Media, 3 October 2017 Fall is always a good time to create new habits, and coffee chains know this. These days, they are desperately trying to find any excuse to get you to drink their java. Many chains are using National or International Coffee Day as a reason to offer their coffee at a discount, ...
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