As a trusted voice in public policy, AIMS authors regularly appear in newspapers throughout the region and the country, including the National Post, Troy Media, the Telegraph-Journal, The Telegram, the Chronicle Herald and the Charlottetown Guardian. The Institute’s op-ed pieces provide an evidence-based voice for the public conversation. See below an archive of these pieces.

The Trouble with Edibles

By Sylvain Charlebois (AIMS Senior Fellow) On Oct. 17, smoking cannabis will become legal in Canada. As for cannabis edibles, they will take a bit longer: Cannabis-infused food products will be legal in a little less than a year’s time. Once edibles are available, things will get complicated in Canada’s food industry. But, with the right regulations, this is a ...
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Equalization Hurts Every Canadian

By MARCO NAVARRO-GENIE (AIMS President), PETER HOLLE (FCPP President), and DAVID MACKINNON (AIMS and FCPP Senior Fellow) Financial Post, 11 July 2018 The controversies that have erupted over equalization in recent days must seem tiresome to many Canadians. Our national debates on equalization have been marked by conflict, obscure technical jargon, little research on the impact of the program, excessive vitriol and federal failure ...
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Souped Up

By SYLVAIN CHARLEBOIS (AIMS Senior Fellow) Campbell Soup stocks soared after news came out suggesting the company could be bought by Kraft-Heinz, one of 3G Capital and Warren Buffett’s pet projects in the food sector. Even though the deal is highly unlikely to happen, these rumours point to a much larger story in food processing. Since 2013, the “acquire and ...
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Improving student achievement in P.E.I.

BY Michael Zwaagstra (AIMS Research Fellow) The latest test results from the Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (PCAP) reveal that Prince Edward Island students scored among the highest in the country. It is impressive, but even more so when we remember that a decade ago P.E.I. scored at the bottom of Canadian provinces. One should not read too much into the results ...
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Cupboard economics

BY Sylvain Charlebois (AIMS Senior Fellow)  In a nutshell, here is what happened following the G7 Summit: Trudeau plays nice with Trump, Trump tears Trudeau apart on social media, Trudeau plays nice again. While Trudeau showed very Canadian diplomacy, poise and resilience, the Canadian public seems to be taking another approach. Everywhere on social media, Canadians are encouraging one another ...
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Canada’s push for unfettered trade should begin at home

By MARCO NAVARRO-GÉNIE (AIMS PRESIDENT) Troy Media, 15 June 2018 A significant amount of ink is being dedicated on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border to the trade conflict that President Donald Trump precipitated at the end of the G7 meetings in Charlevoix, Que. Trump wants a better trade footing for the United States, pointing out that tariffs of around ...
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