As a trusted voice in public policy, AIMS authors regularly appear in newspapers throughout the region and the country, including the National Post, Troy Media, the Telegraph-Journal, The Telegram, the Chronicle Herald and the Charlottetown Guardian. The Institute’s op-ed pieces provide an evidence-based voice for the public conversation. See below an archive of these pieces.

Rock Lobster

By SYLVAIN CHARLEBOIS (AIMS Senior Fellow) Troy Media,14 August 2017 Let’s face it: lobsters are not easy on the eyes. The first person to discover that these hideous crustaceans were edible deserves a medal or two. At one time, lobster was the poor man’s protein that was fed mainly to prisoners. These days, however, the chicken of the sea is ...
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Reconsidering Gasoline Price-Fixing for Atlantic Canada

By Marco Navarro-Génie (AIMS President and CEO) Marco Navarro-Génie is the author of the AIMS study "What's Still Missing From Your Wallet?" Even if well-intentioned, gasoline price-controlling takes from the poor, is antithetical to properly functioning markets, and is a major price to pay for the minor benefit of having less mercurial price fluctuations in the market. Government policies are ...
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Days of Supply Management May Finally Be Coming to an End

By SYLVAIN CHARLEBOIS (AIMS Senior Fellow) Canadian Investment,11 August 2017 Exchange Magazine,15 August 2017 The Guardian,14 August 2017 Canada’s supply management system is a textbook case for food sovereignty. But the social contract the system represents may need to be redrafted as we head toward North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiations. Supply management is a social contract between farmers ...
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Cornwallis and Ryerson: Heroes or Villains?

By GERRY BOWLER (Senior Fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy) Frontier Centre for Public Policy, 31 July 2017 How much of a hero do you have to be to warrant a statue? How much of a villain do you have to be to have your name stripped from streets, bridges, or schools? The brouhaha surrounding the memory of ...
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Higher Minimum wage is bad policy for Atlantic Canada

By Matthew Lau (AIMS Author) and Marco Navarro-Génie (AIMS President) Daily Gleaner, 27 July 2017 Huddle, 27 July 2017 Matthew Lau and Marco Navarro-Génie are co-authors of the AIMS study "Revisiting the Minimum Wage in Atlantic Canada."  High unemployment in Atlantic Canada is a long-standing problem. For over four decades, unemployment rates in the Atlantic Province have consistently exceeded the national rate ...
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Protein Wars

By SYLVAIN CHARLESBOIS (AIMS Senior Fellow) Troy Media, 26 July 2017 Health Canada has recently released the set of principles it intends to adhere to for our next food guide. Health Canada’s message signals a complete revamp of our colourful rainbow of food groups. For example, it appears that a plant-based diet will be strongly encouraged. We might even see ...
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