As a trusted voice in public policy, AIMS authors regularly appear in newspapers throughout the region and the country, including the National Post, Troy Media, the Telegraph-Journal, The Telegram, the Chronicle Herald and the Charlottetown Guardian. The Institute’s op-ed pieces provide an evidence-based voice for the public conversation. See below an archive of these pieces.

Tolls the fairest way to fund the bridge

By Alex Whalen (AIMS Vice President) The recent campaign to remove tolls on the Confederation Bridge is a popular policy topic where rhetoric has become misguided. Prince Edward Island Senator Percy Downe has pushed to remove the toll from the bridge, while P.E.I. Premier Dennis King has also pledged to work on lowering the toll on the Island’s primary connection ...
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The Cashless Food Economy

By Sylvain Charlebois (AIMS Senior Fellow) According to a recent survey by Payments Canada, 42 per cent of consumers use cash fewer than four times a month when purchasing food. A year ago, it was only 20 per cent. Our food transactions are becoming more digitalized and the conversion rate away from using cash is phenomenal. There has been a ...
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Rigid focus on seniority hurts teachers and students

By Michael Zwaagstra (AIMS Fellow) Imagine you are a public school principal. You need to hire a teacher and you have two applicants who meet the basic job requirements. The first applicant has ten years of teaching experience and regularly scores outstanding performance reviews. The second has fifteen years of experience but receives only satisfactory performance reviews. Which teacher would ...
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Beyond Meat should look…beyond meat

By Sylvain Charlebois (AIMS Senior Fellow) Beyond Meat lost almost $10 million in its second quarter, but it beat expectations on revenues. Regardless, Beyond Meat is now worth $14 billion U.S. That’s right, $14 billion U.S., and is Wall Street’s best-performing IPO so far this year. Its stock price has increased by more than 800%. Mixed results this week did ...
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Oceans of Opportunity

By John Risley (AIMS Chairman of the Board) *Atlantic Business Magazine, 31 July 2019 Breath-taking. Romantic. Destructive. Peaceful. Scary. Engaging. Frigid. Warm. Inspiring. Perplexing. Despite our close association with the ocean in Atlantic Canada, we know little of its potential and have even less appreciation of the extent to which other nations have learned how to cultivate a relationship with ...
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One Patient One Record: A Folly of NS Health

By David Zitner (AIMS Healthcare Policy Fellow) Is anyone surprised to learn that credit reporting agencies, Facebook, and retail stores scan many sources and gather your personal information? Although many people have several credit cards, several loans, and deal with many retail merchants the credit reporting agencies have no difficulty aggregating your information, from all sources, to learn all about ...
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