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Welcome to the website of AIMS, the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.

We are a Canadian non-profit, non-partisan research institute that provides a distinctive Atlantic Canadian perspective on economic, political, and social issues. The Institute seeks to stimulate public debate with well-considered argument and evidence-based data. AIMS sets the benchmark on public policy by drawing together the most innovative thinking available from some of the world’s foremost experts and applying that thinking to the challenges facing Canadians.

Our institute provides public policy research on six germane topics to Atlantic Canadians: Energy & Environment, Municipal Affairs & Economic Development, Public Finance & Fiscal Federalism, Healthcare Policy, Education & Training, and Immigration & Labour. In addition to our policy papers, we contribute regularly to the regional and national media as a voice for market solutions. AIMS is an independent and self-sufficient research organization that does not receive government funding.

Latest Publications

Junk Science Week: Sugar’s not making us fatter … but the decline of smoking is

In his Financial Post column, AIMS Fellow Patrick Luciani examines the scientific literature on sugar, suggesting that it may not be the singular culprit for obesity that some fad diet believe it to be. In fact, the greatest single fault for gain in weight appears to be declining smoking rates. [...]

Atlantic First Nations lead on transparency

AIMS research fellow Joseph Quesnel discusses the compliance of Atlantic First Nations with the federal First Nations Financial Transparency Act. He argues that their leadership constitutes "a win-win for all Canadians, but transparency and accountability mostly benefits First Nations communities by ensuring revenues are wisely spent to help band members." [...]

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In the News

Media Release: Sinclair Davidson Speaking Event – Cigarette Plain Packaging

  Sinclair Davidson Halifax Speaking Event   Sponsored by AIMS, Professor Sinclair Davidson will visit Halifax at noon on Monday, May 30, to speak on the impact of plain packaging in Australia and lessons [...]

Mention of “E-Learning in K-12 Schools”

In OL Daily, Stephen Downes writes that "E-Learning in K-12 Schools" "captures some of the major problems with the approach in Atlantic Canada, especially the top-down provincially-based organization and management." [...]

Report says NB schools stuck in past when it comes to e-learning

Canadian Press writer reports on Paul Bennett’s policy paper for AIMS, entitled “E-Learning in K-12 Schools: The Prospects for Disruptive Innovation.” The paper details Atlantic Canada's lethargy in e-learning reform. Read [...]

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Latest Media Appearances

Teacher misconduct finds disciplinary action often kept hidden

AIMS education analyst Paul Bennett is featured in this story from CBC News: The National. Please click here to see the video.

NSGEU delaying civil service contract vote, again

AIMS Development Director Michael Kydd appears on Global News, discussing negotiations between the Nova Scotia Government and its General Employees Union. See the full story here.

CBC is a “subsidized killer of newspapers,” especially local media

AIMS author Jackson Doughart was a guest on the Ezra Levant show on March 26, 2016. He discussed his article "How we can save journalism: Rein in the CBC," which [...]

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    Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS)

    New Brunswick’s economic strategy favours protectionism to open markets, high taxes over competitive rates, and is opposed to developing its own resources. Canada’s weekly magazine Maclean’s in March asked, Can Anything Save New Brunswick? We should ask today if the provincial government is even trying.

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Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
Atlantic Institute for Market StudiesSaturday, June 25th, 2016 at 12:47am
"As Chris Nelson recently observed, folks on the East Coast are quite keen to have tankers carry oil across the ocean from places such as Saudi Arabia to meet their needs, but on the West Coast, tankers are portrayed as reckless — even though Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline has existed for more than six decades. It doesn’t add up."
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Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
Atlantic Institute for Market StudiesFriday, June 24th, 2016 at 9:45pm
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Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
Atlantic Institute for Market StudiesFriday, June 24th, 2016 at 11:23am
Nova Scotia Task Force says it's important for students to learn a proper work ethic, then recommends giving students university credit for taking a gap year for getting "simply life experience."
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Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
Atlantic Institute for Market StudiesWednesday, June 22nd, 2016 at 9:54pm
"Last year, a report by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies said the P.E.I. government's investment in golf in the 1990s did not have the expected economic impact, saying out the government is still deeply in debt 25 years after spending millions of dollars to build and operate golf courses. The province agreed with the AIMS report."
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Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
Atlantic Institute for Market StudiesTuesday, June 21st, 2016 at 6:29am
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