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Marco Navarro-Génie quoted in Minimum Wage article (French)

An article in the Acadie-Nouvelle in New Brunswick discusses AIMS's paper, "Revisiting the Minimum Wage in Atlantic Canada." Co-Author Marco Navarro-Génie says that higher minimum wages "won't reduce poverty. It [...]

“Buy local” against the spirit of free trade

HALIFAX, NS – Trade is a fundamental ingredient to Nova Scotia's economic success, as identified by the provincial government and the Ivany Commission. And yet there are numerous lingering examples [...]

Maritime households have lowest savings rate in Canada

HALIFAX, NS – A new study released today shows a low rate of household savings by Maritimers. While New Brunswick has an improved savings rate from the previous decade (following [...]

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Pierre Lemieux on “Le Réveil” (Radio-Canada)

On June 7, 2017, AIMS Author Pierre Lemieux joined Jean-Albert Maire of Radio-Canada to discuss his latest paper, The Benefits of Trade. The interview is in French. http://www.aims.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Lemieux_Radio_Canada_Free_Trade_Jun_7_17.mp3

Marco Navarro-Génie au Téléjournal Acadie

La Production des permis de conduire en Atlantique sera centralisée - Le Téléjournal Acadie   2 Juin 2017: Une nouvelle procédure sera mise en place en ce qui a trait à [...]

Jackson Doughart on Sheldon MacLeod Show

  On June 1, 2017, AIMS Research Coordinator, Jackson Doughart, joined the Sheldon MacLeod Show on News 95.7 FM to discuss his latest study with David Murell, Household Savings [...]

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Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
Atlantic Institute for Market StudiesThursday, July 20th, 2017 at 2:02am
"Legislating further increases to the minimum wage would likely worsen youth unemployment in Atlantic Canada. Evidence shows that minimum wages price low-skilled persons out of work and reduce the opportunity for training and experience among young people. Given these effects, raising the wage floor is bad policy."

This latest study by AIMS President and CEO Marco Navarro-Génie and Matthew Lau explores the adverse effects of a minimum wage increase in Atlantic Canada. Read the in-depth analysis to learn more about minimum wage legislation and its impact on employment from the Atlantic perspective

Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
Atlantic Institute for Market StudiesWednesday, July 19th, 2017 at 3:09am
“Food fraud has now become main-stream for a reason. Two things have changed in recent years which are making a significant impact: supply chain transparency, from fork to farm, and consumer expectations empowered by social media. But regulators and industry are struggling. Here's why...”

The latest commentary from AIMS Senior Fellow Sylvain Charlebois "Fighting food fraud with a different kind of science" examines the frequent instances of food fraud and our regulatory framework in Canada:

Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
Atlantic Institute for Market StudiesTuesday, July 18th, 2017 at 12:05am
"Corporate welfare often fails to deliver a financial return and has a distorting effect on the economy. If public cash is available when a company is in a jam, then why bother changing? More importantly, corporate welfare introduces a political element to business development that disadvantages entrepreneurs and investors without political connections."

Read more on the negative impact of corporate welfare in Patrick Webber's (AIMS Research Associate) latest commentary

Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
Atlantic Institute for Market StudiesSaturday, July 15th, 2017 at 12:38am
"Ontario has been throwing money at initiatives to expand the market share of provincial winemakers for the past 15 years. But as long as the LCBO is the main buyer and seller of wine in the province, little will change."

Read the latest commentary from AIMS Senior Fellow Patrick Luciani, "Distorting the liquor market" on Ontario's government-owned alcohol-retailing monopoly and the need for freedom from the province's ineffective system.

Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
Atlantic Institute for Market StudiesSaturday, July 8th, 2017 at 1:25am
"Tim Horton’s is slowly becoming a classic case of a completely dysfunctional franchise system. Franchisees on both sides of the border are now pressuring Restaurant Brands International Inc. (RBI), the new owners of the franchise, to ease up on its increasingly strict rules around standards, pricing, and inspections"

Read the latest article by AIMS Senior Fellow Sylvain Charlebois, where he examines the change in Tim Hortons the consumer can’t see