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3 Ways to Support AIMS

Three Ways to
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Eliminating bridge toll bad public policy, says AIMS VP

In an article by CBC PEI, AIMS VP Alex Whalen was quoted in regards to the Confederation Bridge's toll, saying any change in the contract with the company that operates [...]

Gouging, government policies blamed for B.C. gas price spikes

The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies was referenced in an article from the Vancouver Courier in regards to how "regulated prices in four Atlantic provinces have resulted in consumers in [...]

Drugs coming out of Canada are Reimportation

AIMS' 2007 study Drug Re-importation in North America and Europe: An Overview by Brian Ferguson was referenced in an article by the Epoch Times discussing the reality of drug imports [...]

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Latest Media Appearances

Should the Confederation Bridge keep the toll?

AIMS Vice President Alex Whalen discussed his views on the Confederation Bridge's toll with CBC PEI, contending that maintaining the toll for users was the fairest way to fund the [...]

Schools need to find a way to make up for lost time: Paul Bennett on CBC Moncton

Dr. Paul Bennett spoke with Jonna Brewer from CBC Moncton on why we need to do more to make up missed classroom time from storm days. Bennett discussed his report [...]

Alex Whalen: Beer on the Shelves and Canada’s Economic Freedom

Alex Whalen joined the Sheldon MacLeod show to discuss the recent news that some New Brunswick grocery stores have started selling beer on their shelves, how this relates to his [...]

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