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Peter Fenwick is a freelance journalist and commentator who is opening up a Bed and Breakfast at Cape St. George, Newfoundland. He is a the former Director of Communications and Publications for the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies and continues to write a column for the Institute.

In the nineties Mr. Fenwick was a columnist for the two daily newspapers in Newfoundland, the St. John’s Telegram and the Corner Brook Western Star. He was also an editorial board member of the St. John’s Telegram for six years. For the past twelve years he has been a panelist on the CBC Newfoundland Supper Hour television program.

Mr. Fenwick is a former leader of the Newfoundland and Labrador New Democratic Party, and was the first NDP member elected to the provincial House of Assembly in 1984.

He has had an extensive career in education, both as a high school teacher and as a social sciences instructor at the Stephenville Campus of the College of the North Atlantic. Mr. Fenwick was a member of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Board of Regents for six years and chaired the finance committee, the audit committee and the ad hoc committee on financial prospects.

He was also a charter member of Newfoundland Premier’s Advisory Council on Social Development, a citizens group charged with advising the provincial government on social policy.

Mr. Fenwick received his undergraduate education at Sir George Williams University in Montreal, now Concordia, and was awarded a Masters in Arts in Political Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

A Rotarian, he is actively involved in community activities on the west coast of Newfoundland, and has been an honorary Patron of the Newfoundland chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association.