Fisheries and Aquaculture

Below you will find highlights of just some of the AIMS research related to sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Please check through the postings below or the library listings found at the left of the screen to see the full scope of AIMS’ work on fisheries and aquaculture.

Hot Topics
John Risley
AIMS Board Chair John Risley argues that reform to the current Fisheries Act and entire Canadian fishing industry is needed if we are to maintain the industry and create jobs.
Don McIver
AIMS Director of Research Don McIver shares his thoughts on the future of aquaculture in Nova Scotia, from the perspective of a macroeconomist.
Books & Papers
Brian Lee Crowley
The paper is co-authored by AIMS president Brian Lee Crowley and AIMS Director of Research, Don McIver. Based on the Institute’s extensive body of research on the impact of federal policies on the region, You Can Get There From Here is an invitation to all federal political parties to re-examine their past policies and declare how they intend to bring Atlantic Canada back into the nation’s economic mainstream.
Robin Neill
UPEI economist, Robin Neill argues that because there is no comprehensive body of law dealing with the industry, producers are forced to navigate a maze of sluggish and inept bureaucracy with no restraint on government and administrative discretion.
Robin Neill
Canadian Aquaculture: Drowning in Regulation, AIMS latest report on Canada’s aquaculture industry, argues that the current federal-provincial regulatory environment for aquaculture is dysfunctional and that fundamental institutional change is required if this potentially vibrant and growing industry is to achieve its full potential in Canada.
Don McIver
Don McIver, Director of Research AIMS presentation to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance
Brian Lee Crowley
October 4th, 2003 at an International Coference in New Zealand, Brian Lee Crowley gave a talk entitled “Who should own the sea and why it matters” outlining how the benefits of individual quotas or property rights will result in sustainable fisheries. In conjunction with this speech. Dr. Crowley took the opportunity to release AIMS major paper on aquaculture completed in cooperation with the Canadian Aquaculture Institute.
In the Media
It sounds implausible but Canadian aquaculturists have actually been arrested by government officials for "illegal fishing" while harvesting fish that exist chiefly because of the culturing efforts of their owners. The police have refused to lay theft charges against people who rustle aquaculturists' fish stocks because their property rights are so muddy, it is not at all clear that they own what has been stolen.
Dans sa chronique régulière dans La Presse, le plus grand quotidien de langue française de l’Amérique du Nord, le président de AIMS, Brian Lee Crowley observe que, dans les faits, l'aquaculture canadienne est contrôlée par une bureaucratie inepte et lourde, ne voyant que le développement économique à court terme et disposant d'un pouvoir discrétionnaire qui plie volontiers devant la force politique d'intérêts établis. Si la discrétion administrative peut s'exercer de manière si ample en matière d'aquaculture, c'est en partie parce qu'il n'existe pas de statuts fédéraux ou provinciaux au Canada touchant cette pratique.
Media Releases
AIMS paper argues industry lorded over by “feudal bureaucracy”
Compelling evidence from BC that giving fishermen ownership over the fish stocks improves economic and ecological sustainability of the fishery: author Laura Jones
Event Proceedings
Author Laura Jones explains how the adoption of Individual Transferable Quotas revolutionised fisheries in British Columbia
AIMS brings together leading national and international experts to clarify both the strengths and weaknesses of aquaculture, and to lay down the basis for a sensible public policy framework to govern the industry.
An invitation to lunch with urban visionary Mayor John Norquist of Milwaukee, lessons from the west coast's experience with property rights in the fishery and Brian Lee Crowley on how Employment Insurance causes unemployment.
An invitation to hear Edmonton Superintendent of Schools to speak at an AIMS event, the debate over nationalized auto insurance and Brian Lee Crowley on the future of work in Nova Scotia.