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AIMS is a Canadian non-profit, non-partisan think tank that provides a distinctive Atlantic Canadian perspective on economic, political, and social issues. The Institute sets the benchmark on public policy by drawing together the most innovative thinking available from some of the world's foremost experts and applying that thinking to the challenges facing Canadians. 

 Celebrating 20 Years

Energy&EnvironmentMichael Binnion on Hydraulic Fracturing

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The Road Ahead: Options for Reforming Registry Service Delivery

In her report, The Road Ahead: Options for Reforming Registry Service Delivery, commissioned by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS), Meredith McDonald analyses provincial experiences with registry services in Canada. Click here for full details!

PublicFinance&FiscalFederalismChecking the Math on


Childcare - 1

In his report, Checking the Math on Childcare, commissioned by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS), Ian Munro cautions Canadians about promises for a federal childcare program. Click here for full details!


A Good Problem to Have:
Lessons for Atlantic Canada from AlbertaPublicFinance&FiscalFederalism's Experience with Natural Resource Revenue

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Co-authored by Senior Fellow, Robert Roach, Research Associate, Jeff Collins, and AIMS President and CEO, Marco Navarro-Genie, the paper – A Good Problem to Have: Lessons for Atlantic Canada from Alberta’s Experience with Natural Resource Revenue – calls for stability in Atlantic Canada’s strategy to transform non-renewable resources into a permanent financial asset.Click here for full details!

Extending the Educational Lifeline: The Benefits of Adopting Nova Education&TrainingScotia's Tuition Support Program (TSP)

AIMS author Paul Bennett discusses adopting the Nova Scotia Tuition Support Program (TSP) throughout Atlantic Canada and provides a New Brunswick example of the Riverbend Community School in Moncton. Bennett examines how the TSP program has been implemented since 2004, and provides eight recommendations for Atlantic Canada.  Click here for full details!

HealthcarePolicyPublic Participation in Healthcare and Policy Reform


On October 13, 2015, AIMS will host a second forum and bring together disease-focused community-based organizations, members of the cooperative sector, and the public at large to weigh in on the topic of barriers to public participation in health care. Dr. David Zitner, a Senior Fellow with AIMS, is leading this initiative, together with AIMS president & CEO Marco Navarro-Génie and research associate Jeffrey Collins. Click here for full details!

AIMS Celebrating 20 Years!


Over the course of this year, AIMS will be celebrating its 20-year anniversary with a series of high profile events throughout the Atlantic Region. AIMS has built a legacy of excellence winning four Sir Anthony Fisher Awards for Institutional Excellence, and the Templeton Freedom Award. AIMS continues to be recognized for bringing together the best minds and researchers to address the issues that most impede social and economic growth. Click here to read more!

AIMS on CampusAOC logo
Bridging academia and awareness to introduce ideas of liberty and the free market to universities across Canada.

Education & TrainingEducation&Training
Real education and training reform: AIMS is an independent voice on public education & training research and reform.

Energy & EnvironmentEnergy&Environment
Whether it is electricity, or oil & gas, there is extensive research on energy & environment policy.

Healthcare PolicyHealthcarePolicy
Healthcare reform: AIMS research on delivering quality healthcare in Atlantic Canada.

Immigration & LabourImmigration&Labour
AIMS extensive research on demographic shift provides insight of the labour shortage and policy changes that can lift the burden for our aging population.

Municipal Affairs & Economic DevelopmentMunicipleAffairs&EconomicDevelopment
Transparency and accountability are just some of the topics covered by AIMS in our research on municipal affairs & economic development.

Public Finance & Fiscal FederalismPublicFinance&FiscalFederalism
From tax reform, to fiscal responsibility, to balanced budgets, AIMS library examines the fiscal policies that can make a difference in your life.

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Latest Publications
AIMS author Meredith McDonald analyses provincial experiences with registry services in Canada and suggests that they are good road map for Newfoundland and Labrador to follow.
In her report, The Road Ahead: Options for Reforming Registry Service Delivery, commissioned by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS), Meredith McDonald analyses provincial experiences with registry services in Canada.
The electoral influence of Atlantic Canada has been diluted with the addition of 30 seats to the House of Commons because none of them will be in the Atlantic region.
Wensveen and Navarro-Genie illustrate how when New Brunswick's NBLC went into the beer brewing business, it was unable to change the fundamental structure of how consumer tastes and prices work in the market.
For undergraduate education to improve, universities will have to prioritize teaching undergraduate students, says AIMS Fellow Rodney Clifton.
People who can afford it should be encouraged to pay some of the cost of their own inexpensive care.
AIMS Education Fellow Michael Zwaagstra tackles the issue of classroom distractions in the learning process.
In his report, Checking the Math on Childcare, commissioned by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS), Ian Munro cautions Canadians about promises for a federal childcare program.
AIMS’ authors Collins, Zitner, and Navarro-Genie argue that the way forward for meaningful healthcare reform will have to involve greater public participation.
Most Canadians have immediate online access to financial services, but most Nova Scotians do not have timely access to their medical charts, or to the results of laboratory tests. Consequently, it is more difficult for Nova Scotians to participate in their own care.

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Stop using Alberta to defend Ontario's liquor monopoly.

Liquor store employees in privatized Alberta make more than those in almost every other province, including Ontario

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JULY 2015

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Your health information: our secret (David Zitner, Chronicle Herald)

Nalcor Energy Marketing looks to ship it out to Boston (The Telegram)

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Should we stop paying down our public debt? (Marco Navarro-Genie, CBC Radio)

Jeffrey Collins discusses defense procurement on the Jerry Agar show

JUNE 2015

AIMS on the Radio: Two new spots take the airwaves

When releasing violent offenders, use fact, not opinion (David Zitner and Jeffrey F. Collins, Chronicle Herald)

The limits of psychiatry in the criminal justice system (David Zitner and Jeffrey F. Collins, National Post)

Alberta should save all of its resource revenue (Robert Roach, Calgary Herald)

Save And Spend, In That Order (Robert Roach, Jeff Collins and Marco Navarro-Genie, The Telegram)

MAY 2015

AIMS Says Students With Learning Disabilities Need Financial Help, (CBC News New Brunswick)

New Brunswick Can Help Students With Learning Disabilities, Says Report, (Ginabeth Roberts, Moncton Times&Transcript)

Righting the Ship in Atlantic Canada: Students Urged to Share Ideas in Essay Competition

NDP Victory in Alberta is Not a Sign of an Orange Wave at the Next Federal Election (Olivier Pinsonneault, Radio Canada) (en Francais)

Helping Yourself By Helping Your Doctor, (Dr. David Zitner, Chronicle Herald)