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AIMS is a Canadian non-profit, non-partisan think tank that provides a distinctive Atlantic Canadian perspective on economic, political, and social issues. The Institute sets the benchmark on public policy by drawing together the most innovative thinking available from some of the world's foremost experts and applying that thinking to the challenges facing Canadians. 

Did Nova Scotia Just Give Up on its Young People? 


AIMS President and CEO Marco Navarro-Genie discusses the newly announced partnership between Alberta and Nova Scotia, which allows for the coordination of apprenticeship training in the skilled trades and promotes enhanced labour mobility between the two provinces. Click here to read the interview! 

PEI's Liquor Woes: Surcharge Constrains Initiative


AIMS policy analyst Shaun Fantauzzo discusses the PEI Liquor Control Commission's (PEILCC) decision to raise the price of liquor sold in private agency stores and argues that it harms consumers, the PEILCC, and provincial government: "Providing government-run stores with 'more of an advantage' should not be an objective of government policy, particularly when it hurts taxpayers, who, in this instance, act doubly as consumers." Click here to read it!

AIMS on Campus 2014-15 Student Fellowship: APPLY NOW!


We are seeking post-secondary students in Atlantic Canada to submit an application for the 2014-15 AIMS on Campus Student Fellowship Programme, which begins in September 2014. Click here for more details! 

Unlocking the potential of the International Northeast Economic Region; it's not just about trade anymore.

Real Education Reform: AIMS is an independent voice on public education research and reform.

Whether it is electricity, or oil & gas, there is extensive research on energy policy.

AIMS groundbreaking work on equalization changed the way people in Canada think about regional economics.

Fisheries & Aquaculture
This research examines some of the latest policy issues facing the traditional fishery and the upstart aquaculture industry.

AIMS' extensive research on the most debated public policy issue in Canada.

History of Economic Thought
Think tanks help people see why some policy ideas are good and work, while others, no matter how good they may sound, don't and can't work.

AIMS extensive research on the demographic shift provides insight of the labour shortage and policy changes that can lift the burden for our aging population.

Municipal Tax Reform
AIMS research looking into municipal tax alternatives. 

Access to drugs, barriers to R&D, global trade impacts and much more in this research on the prescription drug industry.

Public Finances
From tax reform, to fiscal responsibility, to balanced budgets, AIMS kibrary examines the fiscal policies that can make a difference to your life.

Regional Development
AIMS built its strong reputation as a leading voice for the examination of the effects of government subsidies, regional development schemes and other disincentives to growth.

Regulatory Reform
Government regulation in the age of the Internet, globalization and consumer empowerment.

Security & Defence
AIMS research related to public policy on security and defence matters in today's post 9/11 world.

Social Programs
Showing the choices that can promote the greatest social and economic development for those at the bottom of the income scale as well as the economy as a whole.

Urban Affairs & Local Government
Transparency and accountability are just some of the topics caovered by AIMS in our research on municipal government.


      In Memory of Purdy Crawford

Purdy Crawford hi-resdd

The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies is profoundly saddened to learn of the passing of its Chairman Emeritus Purdy Crawford, who was a titan of Atlantic Canada, an esteemed Canadian businessman and lawyer, and a renowned philanthropist. His legacy will continue to inspire the Institute's mission as we embark on our 20th year. We offer the Crawford family our sincerest condolences. Click here to read about Purdy's lifetime of accomplishments.

Latest Publications
AIMS policy analyst Shaun Fantauzzo discusses the PEI Liquor Control Commission's (PEILCC) decision to raise the price of liquor sold in private agency stores and argues that it harms consumers, the PEILCC, and provincial government.
AIMS Senior Fellow in Healthcare Policy David Zitner argues, "one solution to the cost, quality, and access crisis in Canadian mental health is to enable non-medical professionals to provide the talking and behavior therapies that help most people."
AIMS Director of Research and Programmes Ben Eisen discusses the virtue of competition in the public education system, arguing that limiting private alternatives to government-run institutions reduces innovation.
AIMS Senior Fellow in Electricity Policy Gordon Weil outlines several opportunities to reduce risks and enhance the benefits of Newfoundland and Labrador's Muskrat Falls project. We also invited Ed Martin, the President and Chief Executive of Nalcor Energy, the project’s developer, to address the subjects covered in the paper.
AIMS Senior Fellow in Security and Defence Robert Murray argues that states like Syria, Russia, and Iran challenge President Obama's conception of international cooperation.